Track five physiological signals of fertility.

Wear Ava in the dark to examine your five most fertile days.

Cycle insight

perceive however your cycle impacts your health with options like symptom following, analysis, graphs, and more. analysis permits you to see however your oscillation impacts the manner you're feeling throughout the month.

Health information

Tracks your sleep, physiological stress levels, and resting heart rate—so you'll see whether or not your way is supporting optimum health.


There’s no have to be compelled to take your temperature or pee on sticks. simply wear Ava after you sleep and synchronize after you come to life.

Jenna KutcherTime Period Detection Pf Fertile Window

Ava is clinically tested to discover the terribly starting of the fertile window—in real time, because it happens. That’s completely completely different than ICSH tests, that solely discover the day of reckoning or 2 of the fertile window, and also the temperature methodology, that solely confirms biological process once the actual fact.

Conceive Quicker

Couples UN agency time intercourse accurately double their probabilities of conceiving during a given month.

Pregnancy Tracking

Ava continues to be there for you once you conceive. Once you get pregnant, get an entire new app expertise with elaborate explanations regarding what to expect in weekly of gestation. You’ll be ready to continue pursuit your sleep, physiological stress, and resting rate, still as compare your weekly weight gain to straightforward recommendations.

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