Detailed content for every week of pregnancy

During pregnancy, it will want on a daily basis brings some new and foreign symptom. Ava is at your aspect throughout these speedy changes, with week-by-week explanations concerning what to expect in every week of gestation.  SHOP NOW AVA

Track health signals

During pregnancy, Ava tracks your sleep, physiological stress, and resting pulse. you'll be able to additionally compare your weekly weight gain to straightforward recommendations. With graphs, charts, and analytic thinking, Ava makes it simple to envision your progress throughout the complete 9 months.

Track your physiological stress levels

As supernatural as pregnancy is, the speedy increase in secretion levels will produce stress. Ava empowers you to grasp and reply to stress with pulse rate variability tracking. This parameter permits Ava to notice your physiological stress—which isn’t continually identical issue because the stress you are feeling on the surface.


Track sleep amount and quality

When you’re making a brand new human from scratch, sleep is additional necessary than ever. you'll assume you’re obtaining eight hours of sleep every night, however with Ava, you’ll additionally see what percentage of that sleep is light-weight versus deep/REM. You’ll be ready to see however your sleep varies throughout completely different phases of pregnancy, and make sure that you’re obtaining the remainder you would like to stay you and your baby within the absolute best health.

Track temperature & resting pulse

Studies have shown that temperature and pulse rise throughout pregnancy. It is fascinating to observe however your body responds to the changes happening within throughout pregnancy.


Enter weight

Ava makes it simple to enter your weight gain throughout pregnancy. Log your weight daily with Ava, and compare your reach a personalised reference chart supported your pre-pregnancy BMI.