Understand your health through your cycle

Track your 5 most fertile days with Ava

First Of All Meaning Of Ava  

Ava is a Persian name for girls mean melody, song, opinion. Its meaning in Urdu girl name Ava associated with is 8. Ava is a Muslim girl name. Ava is a bare slate. The baby girl name Ava is also used as the most boy name the use for girls is for most famous AA-Vaa-Or E-vaa It was borne the 9th century Ava. Ava means voice, song, sound. Ava is also an English and German form of the English eve name grew popularity 1080s up to the 2000s. Such name like Ava includes aapep, Ava, English, rabbi, abbot, Indian abhu. It was a bare slate.

Your cycle can influence the way you feel throughout the month in ways you might have never considered.

As your hormone levels rise and fall, it can have subtle and dramatic impacts. Changing hormone levels can influence headaches, hunger, sleep patterns, and energy levels. It can seem like your body is changing at random, but it’s not. With Ava, you can finally start to make sense of it.

See patterns in your health over time

With graphs, charts, and trend analysis, Ava makes it easy to compare your health and cycle details month to month.

Track your physiological stress levels
Everyone feels stressed from time to time. But the stress that you feel on the surface is different from the stress that your body is actually experiencing.
Things like exercise, poor sleep, eating habits, and more can create physiological stress, even if you don’t feel stressed. Ava reveals your physiological stress levels through a parameter called heart rate variability, empowering you to take action to reduce your stress levels.

Track sleep quantity and quality

You may think you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night, but with Ava, you’ll also see what percentage of that sleep is light versus deep/REM.
You’ll be able to see how your sleep varies depending on what phase of your menstrual cycle you’re in, or whether too little sleep might have delayed your ovulation.

Understand your fertility

Many women don’t start learning about their fertility until they start trying to get pregnant. They all say the same thing: why didn’t anyone teach them about this earlier? Knowing when you’re ovulating is just plain cool. And if you want to get pregnant someday, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Track your cycle phases in real time

Unlike period tracking apps or women’s fitness wearables, Ava tracks physiological signals which act as markers for your hormone levels.
This allows it to sense—not simply predict—what phase of your menstrual cycle you’re in.

Track your resting pulse rate

Your resting pulse rate can tell you about your fitness, stress level, or even act as an early warning that you’re about to come down with a cold. Ava’s resting pulse rate tracking is more accurate than manually taking your pulse, because it tracks continuously throughout the night, capturing your true resting pulse rate.