Let's see what is Christmas?

Christmas Traditional World Wide Deals Christmas is an Annual Festival Day.
On this day Jesus Christ was born on Dec 25. Therefore.

Christians are celebrated the day In the remembrance of Jesus Christ.its celebrated religious by Christians.on this day people go to church and do worship. That day considered the purpose of primary Christians.this day. Celebrate in many countries by giving gifts, playing Christmas music, cards, etc. Christian decorate their homes and streets. With Christmas trees n lights.

The real meaning of Christmas is to make joyful, it is used to describe happy cheer Christmas. Christmas is full of joy, wonder, and tradition. There are two specific reasons for 25 December for Christmas.first is Dec 25 was the Saturnalia festival of freedom, giving gifts and decorate their church's houses and streets. The second reason for this date is Jesus Christ was born. On this day they blow the candle. Holly speaks of the thorns in his crown.

Red color shows the Christ's blood and death. Santa Claus is a dutch word. Christmas enjoyed a wonderful time of the year. Christians sing the classic Christmas carol. A Christmas tree is an artificial tree such as spruce pine or fir.it is decorated with roses which are made of colored paper, apples and sweetmeats.people brought this tree at their home. Christmas is one of the most important time on the calendar of Christians.

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